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Collected Works of B. Cobbey Crisler

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Many thanks to those of you who sincerely wish to pursue your Biblical studies, using my husband’s research and devotion to the original texts. After considerable and helpful discussions with our website designer, the way forward in order to control preservation of Cobbey Crisler’s work is NOT via an internet “download” but for me to publish here in England where I live.

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In book form

Apocalyptic Pictures: Prophecy and Parody
104 pages. From a 5 hr. talk with the same name.

Dramas foreshadowed in the Old Testament come to a breath-taking climax in the final book of the Bible. The Bible communicates through the language of images and symbols. Can we reach that inspired level of thought where we understand the clear vision of the Revelator?

Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

Biblical Concepts
106 pages. From two talks.

Freedom: A Biblical Definition (from a 3 hr. talk)
According to the Bible there is a necessity to be God’s servant –(the word in Greek means “slave”!) Why does the Bible define freedom in the vocabulary of subjection? Explore Scriptural texts that link man fetterlessly to “the Spirit of the Lord” where, we are told “is liberty.”

Glory: Divine Nature in the Bible (from a 3 hr. talk)
What is this state called glory? Is it a present reality or just pious hope? Moses’ face shone, Jesus was transfigured… far from limiting “glory” to a select few. The Bible states God’s purpose in “bringing many sons unto glory” and assures, “then shall we also appear with him in glory.”

Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

Mark: the Gospel of Simon Peter
129 pages. From two talks.

Simon Peter: The Character of a Disciple (from a 3 hr. talk)
How does the Bible regard human character? What did the change from Simon to Peter signify? Is there something of Simon in each of us? Has each of us the potential of being a Peter?

What Mark Recorded (from a 4 hr. talk)
Mark is primarily recognized as the earliest Gospel and our major source of information concerning Jesus’ ministry. What is the good news Mark wants his listeners to understand? What is the church’s missionary purpose?

Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

Biblical Poetics
153 pages. From two talks.

Leaves of the Tree: Prescriptions from Psalms (from a 3 hr. talk)
The word of God as medicine as prescribed in the Book of Psalms. What has given the Psalms such relevance in identifying and reaching the human need?

The Holy City: Its Biblical Basis and Development (from a 6 hr. talk)
The Bible does not leave Jerusalem where we find it in its beginnings. The New Jerusalem in Jesus’ vision in Revelation is built upon unity and love, built for solutions to the world’s problems.

Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

The Master
174 pages. From four talks.

The Walk to Emmaus (from a 3 hr. talk)
Two disciples were leaving Jerusalem after the trial, conviction and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. A “Strange” joins them. In conversation, the Scriptures are suddenly illuminated. Who is this Stranger? Why does his message From the Old Testament light a spark? How can the spread of Christianity be traced to this single event?

Song of the Lamb (from a 1 hr. talk)
Discover Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, what true Christian practice is as defined by Jesus.

The Gethsemane Decision (from a 3 hr. talk)
Jesus faced the culminating crisis of his career and made a decision. Was it old or new? Does humanity have to face this same decision?

How Christ Jesus Saw Himself (from a 3 hr. talk)
In John’s Gospel, Jesus is recorded as saying, “If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.” “Though I bear record of myself, yet my record is true.” “I and my Father are one… my Father is greater than I.” Are these blatant contradictions or is there deep spiritual consistency in context?

Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

Significant Relationships: Women and Men
115 pages. From two talks.

Jesus and the Equality of Woman (from a 3 hr. talk)
How did Jesus actually regard Women? What did he believe? Jesus: a pioneer in the recognition of womanhood’s true status.

God and Man: Their Biblical Relationship (from a 3 hr. talk)
This issue begins with Jesus’ radical challenge, “Judge not according to the appearance.” What basis exists for a Relationship between God and man – especially if it is not a visible One?

Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

In spiral binding

Vol. 2. The Case of Job (from a 6 hr. talk)
Job gives us a vision of how to solve problems of human nature. Thoughts can constitute a mental courtroom. Who is the judge, prosecutor, defense attorney? What witnesses do we allow to testify?
Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

Vol. 4. Heal the Sick: A Scriptural Record (from a 6 hr. talk)
Spiritual healing through prayer in the Old and New Testaments. How did Jesus use this methodology? Is it relevant today?
Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

Vol. 5. A Visit with the Beloved Disciple (from a 6 hr. talk)
The disciple closest in thought to The Master Christian. Discover his deep spirituality.
Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

Vol. 7. Auditing the Master: A Tax Collector’s Report (Gospel of Matthew from a 6 hr. talk)
Matthew is interested in Old Testament prophecies. Jesus’ mission in healing as a fulfillment of God’s law. Jesus’ teachings and example illustrated in the Sermon on the Mount and the Kingdom of Heaven, a tapestry of his life seen in church doctrine, discipline and worship.
Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

Vol. 11. As Researched by Luke (from a 6 hr. talk)
Luke puts Jesus on the world map. He recounts the history of Jesus to confirm with certainty all of what the early Christian followers had been taught.
Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

Vol. 12. The Church: Its Scriptural Continuity (from a 6 hr. talk)
When did church-consciousness awaken? How did it develop: The dawn of this idea is traced From Genesis to Revelation with emphasis on church problems and their solutions.
Price: $40.00 USD, £28.00 GBP

Vol. 14. The Holy Ghost: Its Scriptural Role (from a 2 hr. talk)
Is the Holy Ghost an influence, a power, a presence? What does prayer have to do with the concept?
Price: $20.00 USD, £14.00 GBP

Vol. 18. War in Heaven: The Conquest of Inner Space (from a 2 hr. talk)
Conflict begins in Genesis with the serpent and closes in the Apocalpyse with the dragon. What practical significance lies behind such Scriptural metaphor? The dragon’s tail reaches for the stars of heaven. Is this Star Wars battleground as close as consciousness? In our cosmic strainings to conquer outer space, have we overlooked Biblical priority – the conquest of inner space?
Price: $24.00 USD, £17.00 GBP

Vol. 19. Deity and devil in the Scriptures (from a 3 hr. talk)
What is God’s nature as revealed through the patriarchs, the prophets, Jesus and the apostles? Does Scripture provide for an influence opposite to God’s nature to exist side-by side?
Price: $24.00 USD, £17.00 GBP

Vol. 20. The Remnant (from a 2 hr. talk)
What is the Biblical definition of remnant? Can we think of it as comforting? How do we know if we qualify as part of the remnant? Is there a need for a remnant?
Price: $24.00 USD, £17.00 GBP

The Seven Churches in Revelation: A compilation of talks given at the archaeological sites in modern Turkey.
Price: $20.00 USD, £14.00 GBP

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